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From Saeys Guy, Room 418 from Belgium, sent on 16 March 2011
I just visited your sauna and have good and bad news : the sauna area is very old and unattractive. The good news: I was welcomed by Veronica in an extremely friendly and open way. People like her is what hotels and restaurants need: motivated and thankful. Thank you so much, Veronica !
From George Dimitriadis from Greece, sent on 16 March 2006
Please send me by E mail the Telephon Number of
Sheraton Hotel ( Reception ).
Thank you
From Ad van der Heijden from Holland, sent on 03 October 2004
Hello there!

I want to know the price for a standard room,
when I stay from 4 till 11 Okt 2004.
And can you tell me please or there is a bad and a C.D player in the room.

Oke....I wait.Thanks already.
From Aliona Fornea from Bruxelles, sent on 04 August 2004
I think the service itself of the hotel was impressively welcomming and friendly. The atmosphere created within the team, seems to be nice. I had a great time in your hotel and I appreciated the nice attitude of the staff with the clients.
This is definitely a hotel that I will recommend to my colleagues when visiting Bulgaria.

Best Regards,

From Davide Kleiner from UK, sent on 20 May 2003
Regarding the Sheraton. We thought the hotel was brilliant. Prime location to start with. The staff were nice and helpful; everyone went to great lengths to facilitate our staying considering that we had a small baby. Room service was impeccable, facilities were good but I did miss the swimming pool. One negative comment: although it's not a direct fault of the hotel, there was a very small number of ill-behaved children unrefrained by their parents running amock in the breakfast area. These children were being a clear nusance to the rest of the guests by yelling in their face while they
were trying to have a peaceful breakfast in a language most did not understand. The hotel staff did absolutely nothing to prevent the apparent
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