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Comments On Expo Hotel     (9)

From Svetla Paneva from Bulgaria, sent on 11 December 2009
The staff was very friendly and helpful during mu two days stay. The breakfast was very good and valued for the money. The hotel is near the airport and Expo Center.I totally recommend it for any future stay.
From Mr A Howson from United Kingdom, sent on 13 January 2006
We stopped there on New Years Eve. Hotel lovely. But they had nothing open, no food no drink. I have tried to get in touch with them, but no one replies. Have you an email address for the hotel please.
From Thomas from Scotland, sent on 11 October 2005
Visited in July, clean, reasonable, friendly, handy for airport, and close to hyper market
From Joseph from Netherlands, sent on 19 August 2005
The hotel is very modern and looks beautiful and the rooms are good. The service however is worthless. Check-in took about half an hour, because the people behind the desk were arguing with each other. The elevators are to slow. It takes about 5 minutes to reach the right floor. I paid for the buffet restaurant. When I entered the restaurant the buffet was almost empty and it stayed that way. Some dishes were left there empty for almost an hour. When I asked for some food the waitress told me that they where waiting for some guests that they wanted to leave the restaurant because they where eating to much. Finally they’d put some meat on the buffet. But, the meat was raw on the inside. When I showed that to the waitress she told me that it wasn’t. I also asked for more food. She told me that there was enough food, while there only was the raw meat and there were cold fries. I left the restaurant with an empty stomach. It was the last, most expensive and worst meal I’d had in Bulgaria. When I wanted to check out I had to pay for drinks from the minibar that I hadn’t used!!! They would not give me my passport back unless I paid for the drinks! The service totally sucked! I never go back to this hotel. Best Western must be ashamed to have this hotel in their chain!
From Elina from Greece, sent on 11 May 2005
Very good hotel, new modern building, fine room, excellent breakfast and restaurant, all necessary facilities. Very friendly staff and very good service. We liked the hotel very much. It is not in the center but it is indeed 5 min by taxi which is very cheap. Pets are allowed which was very important for us. Very convinient for those who want to visit Exhibition Center.
It would be great if the restaurant or the bar to be open until later hour as the hotel is not in the center and there is nothing nearby. And also it would be fine there are smoking tables in the breakfast hall.
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