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Comments On Grand Hotel Sofia     (7)

From Ed Currie from UK, sent on 09 April 2006
Great hotel. Friendly, courteous, knowledgable staff with a high standard of English. A very pleasant experience.
From Alex from USA, sent on 15 March 2006
It would be better to publish the prices per night and all other special offers / promotions too !
From Sean from UK, sent on 13 July 2005
I visited Sofia in June for the first time. I was thoroughly impressed with Sofi and, in particular, Grand Hotel Sofia. Fantastic rooms, wonderful breakfast and extremely helpful staff!
Thankyou for making my stay in Sofi very enjoyable!
From Behrooz Esna from Iran, sent on 05 February 2005
i'm comming to Sofia for a meeting on feb16th to17th, (Bulgaria Stock Exchang). i would like to know more about the hotel which has been alocated for this meeting. it will be great if you e-mail me further information on this subject.
thank you very much
From N Fernandes from Portugal, sent on 10 December 2004
Grand Hotel Sofia hotel is excellent,staff is well trained and kind, rooms and public areas are clean and well decorated.
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