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Comments On Hilton Hotel Sofia     (4)

From Jim Petersen from United States, sent on 13 March 2006
This hotel is absolutely 5 stars. Everyone from the desk staff to the maids do an excellent job. The staff in the restaurant are beyond compare. We felt like we were definitely honored guests in this hotel although we were just normal guests. I salute this hotel. It is a wonderful tribute to the honored Hilton name.
From afjajs from safas, sent on 26 February 2006
From Hgourtlande T. T. Just from Germany, sent on 07 July 2004
The service was excelent and the room was perfect. Thanks for the birthday cake. We were very satisfied with the stay. We will be back again some day and will recommand friends to
the hotel.

Hgourtlande T. T. Just

From andy from scotland, sent on 03 November 2003
very bad, no casino!!!!!!
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