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Comments On Sofia Princess Hotel     (63)

From J K from canada, sent on 14 January 2010
Nice Hotel, good location, friendly staff, would recomend it ....
From michelle from greece, sent on 29 November 2009
My family and I sent new year in this absolutely fantastic hotel and are considering booking again for this year.
Everything about this hotel was great I couldn't say anything negative. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Goff from england, sent on 14 May 2009
Do not leave any valuables in your room! be warned by one who has been caught.
From rabih abouchacra from lebanon, sent on 08 August 2008
one of the besthotel in bulgaria the princess novotel is very big and close to the city center and also front of the bus station, htis location is verry nice for who want to see bulgaria and balkan too. also the rooms r good and the staff verry firendly and helpful.
i have been once there and hope to be there in the future.
thank you
From Moshe Alkalay from Israel, sent on 29 February 2008
I have been in this hotel 7 times.
Good location (10 minutes walk to the center of Sofia), nice rooms, comfortable beds, renovated bathrooms, large swimming pool, large casino but too smoky, restuarant with live music at diner.
Good proportion value/money. (corporate rates)
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