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From marie from uk, sent on 26 February 2011
From James from USA, sent on 24 May 2009
The HOTEL CENTRAL should be avoided at all costs. A room advertised as a deluxe double room is a cramped hot cubical barely larger than the bed with insufficient room to fit a chair between the bed and the desk, rendering the desk unusable. The shower in the tiny bathroom has flimsy plastic accordion doors which do not close and allow water to splash on the floor, while the only windows in the room are placed so high that they offer a view of heaven, not of the surrounding city. Although the desk staff is courteous, the manager is unresponsive and denied without explanation my request to have my room changed. Because he is rarely on duty, it is difficult to escape this prison because of the requirement that my booking agency consult with the manager before releasing a guest from a contract. There are many much nicer hotels in Sofia which are only modestly more expensive than this hotel, they are well worth the modest extra expense. For 1/3 extra cost, after I escaped, I stayed in a hotel that was 4 times as nice.
From daniel c.tedesco from italy, sent on 18 July 2008
i spent 6 days at the HOTEL CENTRAL. the property is nice, modern with nice furniture. our bathroom was rather small with an inconvenient shower getting directly on the floor (no box, just a small curtain) therefore flooding it. also our room was small with very limited storage facilities. the hotel lift/elevator system is inconvenient for people with heavy baggage, elderly or handicapped people as the 'stop' is not at floors but in between floors. also breakfast room is in the basement and cannot be reached by elevator. staff attitude varies between slightly kind but inexperienced (not knowing basic tourist information) to extremely aggressive and rude (ms TSVETI at the check-in for example). for the above mentioned reasons i would NOT recommend this hotel.
From Natalia Fedorova from Russia, sent on 29 August 2007
Hey folks! I strongly recommend you to stay in the "Pliska" hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, just for one night and you will certainly admire the wonderful view of a busy noisy highway through the window which seems to haven't been washed for a very long time, enjoy the view of the filthy shabby walls and ceiling, you will definitely hesitate a bit before sitting in an armchair which seems to have been just taken from a rubbish heap, and, of course, it's hard to find the words to describe the cleanliness of the bathroom. But even this is not the most remarkable thing in this hotel. Here you simply won't need the TV set with a not functioning remote controller as you will find much more interesting activities to entertain yourself with. I sincerely advise you not to fall asleep till 10 p.m. At this time the most exciting thing starts. And don't worry: you won't have to count sheep desperately trying to fall asleep in such atmosphere. Instead a more interesting activity is waiting for you - you will count....COCKROACHES!!!! Just the feast for your eyes! One on the mini-bar, oh, and one more is walking on the floor, and the third, and the fourth, wow, and then the fifth, and the sixth!!....Having used all the glasses from the mini-bar to catch them you will at last have to take a large telephone book which doesn't seem very attractive to touch and run around the room killing cockroaches here and there. Being slightly tired of that stuff at 11 p.m. when you already need to be in bed (especially if you have a flight tomorrow morning) you will finally decide to escape as soon as possible. Having packed all your things don't forget to prepare money to pay the whole room price as at the reception you shouldn't really expect that you'll manage to reduce the price. Tired of having listened to one and the same phrase "These are your problems" over and over again you will finally give it up and pay 46 leva. And what then? A pleasant night walk in search of a nearest hotel. I advise you to stay in "Rotasar" (from 46 euro) or "Raj 90" (from 30 euro) which are situated nearby. There you won't bother about the noise of cars outside, have a shower in a nice and absolutely clean bathroom and you won't have any problems falling asleep. So you choose!!
From Ian Johnson from UK, sent on 14 July 2007
The service from this website and booking experience was fine. was fine. However, I think the reviews should be directly linke dto the hotels etc they metion rather than groupe dtogether at random.

As far as my hotel experience (Harmony Hotel, Sofia) was concerned - not good, largely becasue the information on the hotel was misleading.
The hotel advertises itself as a "step" away from the centre of Sofia. If you count a 30 minute walk past some pretty dodgy areas (prostitutes' pick up zone) as a "step", that description is accurate.

You might also be expecting from the description access to a pool and other facilities. Yes, they are right next door (and viewable out of my window) - but barred off and definitely not part of the package.

The rooms are adequate, although nothing special - (my shower only ran hot in the evening - very bracing in the morning - and the TV did not work). There is no bar and the breakfast is uninspiring and late. I was told at 08.00 on a weekday that I was"too early". However, it is fairly quiet.

In the hotel pack, some trips outside Sofia are advertised. Don't bother. Three separate requests were met by shrugs, "don't know" etc.

However, my worst expereince was with the security guards that "guard" the hotel. Generally, they are OK, but one shouted at me for having the temerity of entering the hotel (after all, I was only a paying guest) and the lack of grace not to apologise.

I am sure you could find a better place to stay.

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