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Vega Hotel ****

Address: 75 D-r G.M. Dimitrov Bvld., Sofia
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Vega Hotel

Location: Hotel "Vega Sofia" is situated in the south-east part of Sofia at the corner of "D-r G.M.Dimitrov" Blvd., "Academic Stefan Mladenov" Blvd. and "Nikola Gabrovski" Blvd., in closest vicinity of the diplomatic area of the city. Using major boulevards, it is easy to get to the city centre for more...

Vega Hotel Conference facilities

*** - 50 % discount for conference facilities during Feb 2010!

"Triaditsa" Hall: Situated on the L-floor, "Triaditsa" Hall mirrors the hotel's classically elegant style. Experienced planners will be at your service while you organize your event. Up-to-date meeting facilities featuring high speed wireless Internet access and current audio visual equipment are available. Options for coffee break and light lunch.

"Serdica" Hall: A cozy and comfortable private place where one can welcome his/her guests for business meetings, discussions, work shops, etc.
VenuesDimensions, mPersons per set-up
Sqm Length Width Height Auditorium Classroom Cocktails Banquets Boardrooms
Serdika Hall 1735215---9
Triaditsa Hall 847112904090-25