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Rila Monastery Tour

***Short Trip to Rila Monastery***

Take unforgettable tour to the magnificent Rila Monastery in the heart of Rila Mountain. Feel the spirit of Rila mountain and enjoy the breathtaking views to the virgin nature if Rila National Park. We organize complete travel arrangements to Rila Monastery with comfortable transport and English speaking guide.

Rila Monastery is situated in Rila Mountain at 1,147 metres above the sea level. This is the biggest monastery complex in Bulgaria. It is no doubt that Rila monastery is the most attractive monastery complex in Bulgaria with its beautiful nature, architecture, wall paintings and ancient history. It is surrounded by the small mountain rivers, Rila and Drushlyavitsa and is just 4 hours on foot by Maliovitsa peak. Extremely picturesque view can be observed from the position of the monastery towards the nearby situated peaks, and the complex itself is a well developed tourism site with numerous restaurants, souvenir shops and small hotels.

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Transport from Sofia to the Rila Monastery and back by car for 2 passengers or a comfortable van for party of 6 and more persons. Guide in English.
walking, religious, historical, cultural and nature sightseeing
8 hours
Rila Monastery in Rila mountain