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Slavyanska Beseda Hotel *** 

The guest reviews are submitted by our customers after their stay at Slavyanska Beseda hotel

General Rating 3.7 3.7/5 Average from 10 Reviews
Hotel Staff 3.8 3.8/5
Services / Facilities
2.72.7 2.7 2.7/5
Location 4.9 4.9/5
Value for Money 3.3 3.3/5
Comments on Slavyanska Beseda hotel

Nick Hristov from , sent on 11 2016

2.82.8 2.8

I did not want to mention it, but as you insist, I was parted with 40 GBP and 100 Thai baht from my room, another 200 Thai baht were left. Maybe, it was my mistake that I left them in my luggage. It's not a big robbery, but it's still ugly.

Karin HOITSCH from Austria, sent on 6 2014

The hotel was clean, friendly, cheap, professional, polite, helpful right in the centre of Sofia, and I will come back soon.

Betty Leon from Israel, sent on 1 2010

The hotel is very old, bathroom was not heated, breakfast at the coffee was smelling of the closed place it was kept.Computer for guests didn't work properly and the room, even if it was heated, was quite cold-for me at any rate.

Louise ffoulkes from UK, sent on 1 2010 4.5

My only complaint was that my room was next to the lift and there was a lot of noise from that and from staff pushing trolleys which prevented a good night's sleep.

Louise ffoulkes from UK, sent on 8 2009 3.8

I think that the rooms could do with a little refurbishment although the room I had was quite adequate.

Annikki Berg Kvarby from Sweden, sent on 15 2009

2.82.8 2.8

Rooms 308 and 307 need a lot to be done. Still we slept well. The shower was poor. The elevator was not safe. The man in the breakfast room did not do his job. The woman was much much better. The selection av bread, fruit (one banana or two applesat a time), green boiled hard eggs,teas was poor. The sausages were cold, if there were any.
The personell at the reception were very helpful in arranging taxis and and making reservations at restaurants.
We had some very nice days in Sofia, but we can not recommend your hotel.