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Sofia Has Its Own Big Ben
 Standart daily, 21 June 2007
Sofia Ranks First among Cheapest Europe's Living Destination, 18 June 2007
Famous Singer Pink Performing on Stage in Sofia
 SofiaEcho, 13 June 2007
World Famous Vanessa Mae Arrives in Bulgaria, 11 June 2007
Tishman International Begins Work on Sofia Airport Center, 06 June 2007
The Outdoor Swimming Pools in Sofia Open for Season 2007
 InfoTourism with, 04 June 2007
Subway Extension is Sofia will be Completed by the End of 2008
 SofiEcho, 02 June 2007
Retro Tram Rides, Running Festival Mark World Child's Day in Bulgaria, 01 June 2007
Maiden's Sofia Gig to Draw 25,000 Fans, 30 May 2007
George Michael Sings "Freedom" for Bulgaria's Nurses in Libya, 28 May 2007
Bulgaria's National Theatre Hosts Irish Company after 70-Year Break
Foreigners to Enjoy Comprehensive Theatre Experience in Bulgaria
 SofiaEcho, 18 May 2007
Fans of Bulgaria to Take Pictures at George Michael's concert
 SofiaEcho, 17 May 2007
International Aviation Forum in Bulgaria
 SofiaEcho, 14 May 2007
Bicycle Routes in Sofia for Healthy, Ecological Transportation
 SofiaEcho, 08 May 2007
Bulgaria’s Capital to see the construction of seven skyscrapers
 Property Wise Magazine, 2nd May 2007
Sofia – Weekend Tourism Destination, 07 May 2007
Winter Sport Facilities in Sofia will be renewed
 SofiaEcho, 27 April 2007
Crown with 260 Rubies, 15,000 Policemen Prep for Bush Visit
 Sofia News Agency
Tourism in Bulgaria Should Reach 9 Months
 SofiaEcho, 21 April 2007
69 EUR for flight from Sofia to the Black Sea
 Netinfo, 23 April 2007
Sofia Railway Station Supplied with New Lifts, Escalators
 Sofia News Agency, 16 April 2007
Congress Tourism in Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria
 Focus News Agency, 11 April 2007
George Michael Concert 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria
 SofiaEcho, 05 April 2007
All Intl. Flyers Move To New Sofia Airport Terminal, 29 March 2007
Sofia Jazz Fest 2007
 SofiaEcho, 23 March 2007
Bulgaria’s Denkova and Staviski World Champions Again
 SofiaEcho, 23 March 2007
“HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO” in the National Palace of Culture
 George Georgiev
A good time in Vitosha
 George Georgiev
Arena di Serdica – The newest Sofia Hotel
 Gergi Georgiev, Bononia LTD, 15 Feb 2007