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Largest cinema screen on the Balkans
 Sofia News
Two Drum'n'Bass Concerts in Bulgaria take Place in July
 NetInfo, 30 June
Sofia Mayor Greenlights Boulevard Extension
 Sofia News, 26.06.2006
Over EUR 2 M Invested in Sofia Street Renovation
 Novinite, 26.06.2006
Depeche Mode Left 35 000 Fans Breathless
 Sofia News Agency, 22.06.2006
Depeche Mode Concert in Sofia
 SofiaEcho, 21.06.2006
Modern Monitoring System Introduced in Sofia Subway
 Sofia Echo, 16.06.2006
Preparations for Depeche Mode Concert in Bulgaria
 Sofia Echo, 16.06.2006
Mall of Sofia Draws 135 000 In 1st Weekend
 Novinite, 14.06.2006
Giant Shopping Complex Opens in Sofia
 Novinite, 09.06.2006
Bulgarian Tourist Industry Union Formed in Sofia
 Novinite, 06.06.2006
Shaolin Monks in Sofia Show Off Martial Arts
 Novinite, 06.06.2006
Renewed Fountains Cool Sofia in the Summer
 Novinite, 06.06.2006
Statistical Data for Visitors in Sofia
 SofiaEcho, 30.05.2006
Sofia's Book Fair Opens Gates Free of Charge
 Novinite, 24.05.2006
Foreign Tourists Prefer Bulgaria's Capital in the Wintertime
 Sofia News Agency
Sofia Singing of Bocelli with Bulgarian Soprano
 Sofia News Agency
Boyana Church
 BNR, Elka Yoncheva , Radostin Zhelev
Sofia to Revive Ariana Lake
The wedding of Princess Kalina and Kitin Munoz
BNP Paribas Opened Unique Business Trade Center in Sofia
Sofia Land Amusement Park
Sofia's Fitnes Centres
Sofia Night Life
Airport Re-construction
Clubs with Live Music in Sofia , Bulgaria
Real Estate Index Published in Bulgaria
Airport re-construction
Air Sofia Golf Club (Ihtiman)