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Budapest Hotel *** 

The guest reviews are submitted by our customers after their stay at Budapest Hotel

General Rating 4.1 4.1/5 Average from 19 Reviews
Hotel Staff 4.5 4.5/5
Services / Facilities 4.2 4.2/5
Location 3.7 3.7/5
Value for Money 4.2 4.2/5
Comments on Budapest Hotel

Ivo Bezecny from Czech Republic, sent on 29 2013

At Budapest Hotel in Sofia - excellent breakfast (great strawberries). In Business Hotel Plovdiv - breakfast is weak and poor visout fruit and vegetables.


Mark Zondler from Germany, sent on 20 2010 3.8

The rooms we booked were very noisy. We had to upgrade to a better room and pay extra. The Budapest hotel is quite nice, but the isolation is terrible.

Mick Banks from U.K., sent on 20 2009

All your recomendations more than suited our needs hotel surpassed itself as did the staff - thank you very much for your assistance .

Setsuko Watanabe from Japan, sent on 24 2009

Fine, but have problems in the shower room. I was locked in the shower room. My friend in another room was locked in also. It is a big problem. Other things are just fine, staff is fine, breakfast is fine, location and price is all right. If they fix the shower room, I will use Hotel Budapest, again.

Paul Somers from Belgium, sent on 12 2009

The rooms offer all modern conveniences, the restaurant serves delicious meals and the staff is very helpful. Unfortunately the dense road traffic, especially the noisy rumble of the old trams are a great obstacle for a good nightrest. It is pity for an hotel with great possibilities. Possibly this could be a lesser problem in the rooms at the rear of the street.

John Ineson from UK, sent on 3 2009 3.5

Very happy with the hotel and its facilities. The breakfast was very good, but it would help if there was milk on each table. If you wanted milk for your coffee, you had to get up each time. I think there was only about 8-10 tables.

Ties Versteeg from The Netherlands, sent on 20 2009 4.2

I was very impressed about the performance of the kitchen. Very Good.

Sasa Cvetic , sent on 15 2009

The hotel is located in not nice area at all, but it is quite close to the city center. Rooms are very nice as hotel is newly open. Hotel stuff are very nice and friendly. Breakfast is a good one and all together this hotel is recommendable as a good value for money and time.