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6th of May – The Day of the Bulgarian Army Celebration

Georgi Georgiev,

The 6th of May is St. George’s Day and the Day of the Bulgarian army. Traditionally the day is marked with a sanctification of the war flags and an impressive war parade along one of the main boulevards in Sofia - “Tsar Osvoboditel”.

The president of Bulgaria and the commander-in-chief of Bulgarian armed forces, Georgi Parvanov, held speech and the war flags was sanctified bishop Ioan. Then the Parade began. The Bulgarian army demonstrated its fiery and technical power. The newly delivered armored Hummers and three recently purchased C 27 J Spartan aircraft were shown for the first time. The Cougar helicopters and the jet-fighters were the greatest attraction of the celebration, as the powerful f lying machines passed almost above the head of Tsar Aleksandar II the Liberator an the edifice of the National Assembly.