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Sofia Zoo

Sofia Zoo is another place of interest for the kids of Sofia. The capital’s Zoo was found in the beginning of 1888 and is a great place for spending your time with your children.
There is a large variety of species in the Zoo, including many mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Amongst the popular species are the Black Panther, the Hippopotmus, the Lama, the Muflon, the Green Iguana, the Leopard Gecko and the Yellow Anaconda. The most interesting place in the Zoo is the contact zone - a place where the visitors can establish direct and immediate contact with tame and non-dangerous animals.

There children and adults can touch, pet and even feed with proper food animals such as goats, ponies, rabbits, ducks and geese not through grating and nets. Benches provide a place for rest and information signs about the animal species living there and beautiful and entertaining boards for the children make the contact with the animals even more interesting and educational.
Many animals are “adopted” by firms and enterprises that have undertook the expenses of care and treatment of animals. This is a practice established several years ago.